How It Works

What is PROM?

PROM is a new film ecosystem for delivering everything in your film journey from mentoring and education to production, financing and distribution.

You can get involved whether you’re a professional filmmaker, a student, investor – or if you just love film. Basic membership is free, so to get started, register now and become a citizen.

Collaboration is key.

Our economics are based on supporting other organisations and businesses that share our values. It’s a bit like a grassroots political campaign (it’s called ‘Alliance Marketing’ if you want to find out more about it!).

We help develop, fund and distribute film and television.

Harnessing the latest web technology we are building a virtual film studio that will take fans, filmmakers, and investors into a new way of making films.

When a film is ready to go, all of our alliances are offered advance tickets to a ‘one time only’ virtual reality premiere.

If you have a ticket, you can walk the red carpet in unique locations, watch the film, and hang out at the after party with the stars.

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Make a new movie. Make a new economy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you develop your career in filmmaking and by doing so help create a new economy.

How do we do this?

We are film and tech people. We know every step of the process and every pitfall along the way. We bring all of our resources to helping you achieve your goals.

PROM is continually testing and discovering new ways of financing and distributing films from virtual events to crowd and crypto-funding as well as traditional modes of finance and distribution.

There is nothing we won’t try to get your film made and seen.

Our new economy works on reciprocity.

What that means is that we’re creating an alliance of like-minded businesses and organisations. It’s not another movie network. Our alliance will be much broader (and bigger!). It doesn’t matter whether you make fair trade yoghurt, save rain forests, or make movies. If you are part of PROM, we will get your work and message out there.

Film Makers

Film makers are facing the greatest challenges to their careers

as corporate-owned studios, streaming services and agencies block access to talent, lower pay standards, and reduce filmmaking to commercial trends.

Develop your projects

Every project begins with the word. The script. If you want to get a big movie star or top director attached to your project, the first thing they want to see is the script. Not the money. Not the package. Great scripts are the single rarest commodity in Hollywood.

Attach Talent

The big agencies serve talent to the corporate studios. They block independent filmmakers every step of the way (until a big star forces them not to). PROM will help you work around the system’s gatekeepers.

Fund your film

PROM has created a new model for crowdfunding and the pre-selling of your project.

Shared ownership

Every member of the filmmaking team will share ownership with PROM network.

Showcase your work

Upload your scripts, your acting and directing reels.

Expand your connections

Besides connections within the community, PROM will help you reach out through their contacts in the industry.

Distribute your film

PROM will create an online premiere and advance ticket sales for your film. We will sell territories for you so that you can see your films revenues directly without going through the labyrinth of Hollywood Accounting.

Fair remuneration

PROM will respect all local pay standards.

How we fulfil our PROMises:

We are film people. We know every step of the process and every pitfall along the way. We will bring all the resources of our community to helping you achieve your goals, be it a two-minute short or a full budget feature.

Film Lovers

Opening up Film like Never Before

PROM will take you into the nooks and crannies of filmmaking in ways you will never see in film school or fanzines.

Nothing prepares you for being in the film industry quite like seeing problem solving from an insider’s perspective.

Our project add-ons will give you access to behind-the-scenes developments, from dealing with egomaniacal above-the-line bullies (sorry, they exist in moviemaking) to solving real time production problems.

If you’re a film lover, you can make the switch from watching films to becoming an active participant.

  • Review scripts and reels.
  • Share your opinions on moviemaking.

Who knows? Maybe you will discover that next great project and become a film producer.

It’s all Possible!


Film should be a Great Investment. And yet it's seen as a dangerous risk.

A common misconception is that a film needs to be a box office smash to show any profit. This is far from the truth. Even box office flops enjoy an evergreen revenue stream as the global need for content is insatiable. So, why are Films often seen as a Poor Investment?

Hollywood Accounting. In the current system, it doesn’t matter how big your movie is, once you go into the Hollywood distribution system, your film will show a loss.

This is great for corporations who need to hide their profits. Terrible for private investors who will often never see a penny of those profits without mounting a hugely expensive and lengthy lawsuit.

PROM has solved this with:

  • Open Books and transparent accounting.
  • Digital Banking with direct payments at the point of collection.
  • Open Blockchain enabling realtime digital tracking of global revenues.
  • New Routes to Audience including virtual premieres sold through alliance marketing, as well as hiring our own sales agents to sell territories without charging the production.


Building an Alliance Economy

We are creating a reciprocal economy of like-minded people, organisations and businesses that want to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

If, like us, you’re fed up with crony capitalism’s predatory practices, join us on our PROM journey, and by working with others who share similar values, we can build an alliance economy... together.

So... If you are bringing fairtrade, eco-respectful, humane values to your cause or business, tell us. We will get your message out.

A few of our amazing partners:

Upcoming Events...

How Actors Get The Role!

place Online money_off Free

date_range Thu 30th Jul @ 7pm - 8pm GMT

You give great reading after great reading and still don’t get the role! What went wrong? And how can you fix it?

Past Events...

Working The Film Festivals - Webinar

Thu 25th Jun 2020 @ 7pm - 10pm

From networking to getting your film seen by the millions, film festivals are key to your project's success. Let's learn how to work them!

Financing your film

Thu 28th May 2020 @ 7pm - 10pm

Financing your Film Webinar with Hollywood screenwriter, director and show-runner, Eric Blakeney and award winner producer, Ilann Girard.

How to Pitch TV & Film

Thu 30th Apr 2020 @ 7pm - 10pm

For filmmakers, pitching is an absolutely essential part of our business.

PROM Insider Launch Party

Fri 17th Jan 2020 @ 7pm - 10pm

We are excited to invite you to the insiders launch of The People’s Republic of Movies, a Social Media Driven Film Co-operative.

Meet the team

Eric Blakeney

CEO & Founder

Mirian Bocija

CFO & Founder

Katie O'Connor

Head of Comms

Michael Braverman

Head of Production

Illan Girard

Multi-Award Winning Producer

Alaric Shorter

Production Monster

Mark Harris

Multi-Award Winning Producer

John Truby


Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith

The Film Festival Doctor

Marta Murguia

Graphic Designer

Some things we've worked on

The Spot :)

introducing the VV Vlog with Valentina Valentino!

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